Letters to the Editor

Says five districts assures fair voting

The 13 colonies broke away from British rule in 1776 because they wanted to be represented. All the voters lived in England, none in America. Our current three-district system has a similar representation problem.

I believe the five “fair-and-equal districts” proposal, changes that and gives good representation.

Here’s the problem with three districts. Someone living near Barkley Village theaters and in the Roosevelt area in Bellingham is lumped in with Lynden, Sumas and the farmlands. Which group does their council member represent? Persons living in Blaine or Ferndale are combined with folks in Bellingham’s Cornwall Park area. What do they have in common? While we all share some common interests, we may also have different priorities.

I believe the proposed five districts offers an excellent solution. People in the farmlands have their own district; they are assured their own say. The ocean or coastland district, like Birch Bay, has a guaranteed vote. Bellinghamers get their opinion heard. People in the foothills have an equal vote, too. Everyone is represented!

With five “fair and equal” districts, I believe the individual citizen and county council will always have representation from each district. This makes sense to me.

Paul Orlowski