Letters to the Editor

Says Kershner needed on council

I believe Kathy Kershner has a phenomenal understanding of the many viewpoints in Whatcom County. Her education prepared her, including a B.S. in family resources in 1992 and four years of active duty in the U.S. Navy. She spent 18 years in the reserves, becoming a commissioned officer in 1997 and retiring with the rank of lieutenant in 2006.

During her many years in Whatcom County she has raised three children, successfully run her own business, and been a friend of the environment. When you look at her voting record, you can see that she is an advocate for people with disabilities and families that need help. She has an understanding of local budgets, taxes, spending, and agricultural production. This knowledge enabled her to examine the various bills that come before the County Council during her time as a council member and later chair.

Now she is ready to come back, and I believe we sure do need her to rejoin our County Council.

Susan Blondell Kaplan