Letters to the Editor

Backs Kershner for County Council

Kathy Kershner is referred to as a “class act” by people who worked with her on our County Council. She was a council member, and later the chair. I believe she was highly respected for her research into current issues and problems, she was fair-minded and made sure all sides of arguments had their hearings. During her chairmanship, Whatcom County had a balanced council, unlike what we have now, where 7 – 0 votes are not unusual (we should be leery of such imbalances even when we agree. The Russian politburo has such votes).

One of the places Kathy learned leadership was during her 22-year career in the U.S. Navy, where she came to understand points of view decidedly different from her own. She continually studies the many sides of issues, and is now prepared to resume a position on our County Council. She definitely has my vote.

Joan Browning