Letters to the Editor

Dislikes contributions in Ferndale race

I am extremely concerned about the Ferndale mayoral race we vote on in November. We have two candidates vastly different in their personalities and styles. Cathy Watson is a self-funded mayoral candidate who has accepted no campaign contributions from anyone. She is supported by four of the five current council members. The fifth has chosen not to endorse anyone.

Her opponent, Jon Mutchler, has raised over $7,700 per his Public Disclosure Commission filing reports. $6,000 of that is from 10 big land developers, some of which don’t even live in Ferndale. An additional $600 is from the Whatcom County Republican Party. The mayor’s race in Ferndale is non-partisan, meaning not Democrat or Republican yet the Republicans want to help Jon Mutchler win the Ferndale mayor’s office along with big land developers who help buy fancy signs with his picture! Spending $7,700 dollars just to get elected to the Ferndale mayor’s office? Who spends that kind of money in this town? Answer: big development does!

Do we want to return to the days the mayor of Ferndale was beholding to big land developers who got tax breaks at the expense of Ferndale homeowners and taxpayers? I don’t think we do and I hope you don’t want to see increased tax bills for big land developers’ discounts that somebody has to pay for!

Please join me this November in voting for Cathy Watson; I believe she’s the sensible candidate for mayor of Ferndale!

Keith Olson