Letters to the Editor

Satisfied with his thrifty Nissan Leaf

The recent article about the electric car show in Bellingham missed an opportunity to review the variety of affordable plug-in cars that are practical for Whatcom County residents. Instead of such useful information, the article lavished praise on the Tesla, admittedly for good reason, but I cannot afford such a luxury car and would be too self-conscious to enjoy driving such a status symbol.

The article dismissed other makes of electric cars. But since 2011 I’ve accumulated over 49,000 miles in my all-electric Nissan Leaf traveling from my home southeast of Acme to points in Whatcom and Skagit counties. I regularly travel up to 70 miles and only occasionally do I have to add charge in town — I have never been stranded. I paid only a fraction for the electricity to drive all those miles compared to what I would have paid for the gasoline in my previous car, a Honda CRV. Also, since electric motors have few moving parts, there are no oil changes and none of the expensive maintenance needed for petroleum drive trains. The Leaf may not be as fun as a Tesla to drive, but it at least rivals the petroleum-powered cars I’ve owned and I love the extra torque.

Hopefully future articles will cover the expanding variety of practical electric vehicles that are becoming available and not just the sexiest, most expensive model.

Ken Carrasco