Letters to the Editor

Says new LED lights will dim Bellingham

Bellingham, the City of Subdued Lighting? Not any more. In October and November the city is going to replace many of our charming amber streetlights with ultra-bright LED lighting. The antique lights in front of the Mount Baker Theatre, and the ones in Fairhaven, and in Ridgemont, and many others around town will go from a soft glow to what I find to be an overly bright light range. There are two lights in front of the Mount Baker Theatre that have already been converted so you can see what we’re going to get. I believe LEDs are fine if they are in the 2700 Kelvin range. But, the city is going to go with super bright and annoying 4100 Kelvin lights. And I believe they want to get this in under the radar with no public input. Vancouver did this and the people have been complaining ever since. There is still time to change their minds. Please contact the mayor at klinville@cob.org if you are concerned about this.

Jim McLaughlin