Letters to the Editor

Supports Briscoe for port commissioner

Want good family wage jobs in our county? I believe Bobby Briscoe has a plan for promoting our waterfront into a working port, supporting recreational and commercial fishermen. Bobby has the experience working in ports — both good, productive ports and poorly run ones. He knows what is needed in up grading Bellingham’s port so it’s reputation attracts more business. Improved infrastructure, a focus on the services needed by boats, reasonable rents for support businesses and marketing our port will lead to growth for our community. Presently, when a ship comes to shore needing repair, owners often must go outside the port to access services. If we had a working shipyard, the service people would be in place. Seafood processing plants, boat repair shops, cold storage facilities and retail stalls selling fresh, local seafood would all add to a vibrant, sustainable water front.

Bobby has a good relationship with the Lummi. He is trusted and respected by his fellow fishermen, representing them as president of Puget Sound Crab Fisherman Association and as an alternate on the Pacific Fisheries Management Council Groundfish Advisory Panel.

Bobby Briscoe is a man who says that “you can make most things work if you want to.” I have met Bobby, heard him speak and liked his answers. If good, local jobs are important to you, vote for Bobby Briscoe for port commissioner.

Naomi Murphy