Letters to the Editor

Says Donovan has earned her vote

With a little over one month before our county elections, I feel the importance of being informed about the candidates who will be shaping policy for our community. Todd Donovan is running for County Council. He’s been an active member of our community for over 20 years. With his years as a professor of at WWU, as well as volunteering in a variety of organization in our community, I trust Todd will help make our county a better place. I believe in Todd’s ability to make sure our local government is effective and responsible, and that our tax dollars are spent wisely for the interest of everyone in our county. I’m confident that Todd will ask the tough questions on issues important to us all – he won’t be a rubber stamp for pet projects and bloated budgets on key county priorities coming up in the next couple years. Todd has shown himself to be fair-minded and practical and he’s earned my vote in this election. The more you hear about him, the more I’m sure he’ll earn yours too.

Nancy Orlowski