Letters to the Editor

Says coal terminal costs are too great

I have faith the people of Whatcom County are not oblivious to what I believe are recent distortions of the truth by Gateway Pacific to get its way. The Lummi Nation has a right to preserve its fishing practices and culture. I believe there is no mitigation possible when a project as large as GPT will alter forever the marine life at Cherry Point and beyond, wiping out already devastated herring populations, vital in feeding our whales. Traffic of over 400 vessels annually, each the size of several football fields, so that China can burn its dirty coal and a few corporations can make a profit at our expense is utter insanity. The fishing, tourist and recreational industries bring in millions and are reliant on a healthy marine life. I believe our communities must stand with the Lummi Nation and demand the Army Corp of Engineers honor their treaty rights. These rights protect all of us and millions of jobs come from recreational, tourist and fishing industries annually, more than GPT ever can supply. These distractions against the Lummi Nation will not work. We recognize the tactics of big industry to pull the wool over our eyes. We request that the Army Corps of Engineers deny all federal permits for GPT and show leadership in Washington, D.C. After centuries of broken promises, our government must keep its word. I believe it is increasingly obvious that GPT’s economic, cultural and environmental costs are too great.

Louann Chapman