Letters to the Editor

Supports dress code, dressing modestly

I am totally supportive of the Vista School dress code. What is wrong with girls learning to dress decently and respect those in authority? I disagree with the father who does not agree with me that men are motivated by what they see with their eyes. That’s why pornography is a multi-billion dollar business on the internet. It has been proven scientifically and medically that pornography can becomes addicting, just like drugs. (Check out www.700club.com for Sept. 10 on pornography.) Young boys’ hormones are at their high and I believe their eyes are just as effected seeing girls exposing part of their bodies or bringing attention to suggestive clothing. The parents need to deal with this. I believe they need to be talking to both the girls and the boys to respect one another by their dress and by their actions. They need to teach their children to respect the rules and understand why they are there. Hollywood and media have pushed indecent dress for years. I believe what is used as advertising today on TV was not too long ago consider pornography. You can choose to be an individual, be proud of your body and dress modestly and feel good about yourself and not go along with the crowd. I did that and I was a professional model, runway, TV, magazines and tea-room modeling. I choose to be different and not go along with what was popular. I choose what was descent and always felt good about myself.

Faith Gustafson