Letters to the Editor

Against removing Pickett memorial

I always enjoy reading about George Pickett and his influence on the Northwest. What I do not like and tire of is reading of local actions to remove historical monuments due to links of slavery. This was a part of our history, like it or not. For the majority of Americans of that time, even Abraham Lincoln before he became president, slavery was generally an accepted practice. Whether this activist wants to admit or not, he would not have been allowed to express his opinions had it not been for George Picket and his efforts to prevent another war with the British. The history of the United States and our freedoms to do what we pretty much want today is the direct result of all our conflicts — only one revolution and only one Civil War. These freedoms should not give us the right to remove from history what all Americans contributed to the building of this county. There is a statue in Tucson of Pancho Villa who commanded the only army to have invaded the continental United States. Perhaps Mr. Franks should lead a movement to remove that statue of a non-American enemy. I thoroughly support the Pickett Society’s efforts to recognize the history of George Pickett and his local influence who as an American exercised his rights under the Constitution during a turbulent time in American History.

Mike Phillips