Letters to the Editor

Wants immigrants to earn citizenship

A reader claims that Donald Trump wants to fire Abe Lincoln by abolishing our “anchor baby” laws that bestow automatic citizenship babies born to non-citizens on U.S. soil, thus taking away the blessings of U.S. citizenship.

I believe he confuses citizenship as a gift. Giving citizenship as a gift trivializes the real meaning of citizenship. To the Left, the responsibilities side of citizenship are inconsequential; it’s the blessings that count. Liberal politicians prefer bestowing the blessings of citizenship with minimal requirements. What better way to swell liberal voting rolls than to “give” citizenship to new inhabitants. Who could be newer than newborns?

As for violating Lincoln’s equalizing contribution, I believe his goal was to assure former slaves that their children be treated with citizenship as a way of making amends for the abuses of slavery. Abe would understand and probably deplore the idea broadening willly-nilly the citizenship birthright to all illegal comers.

Abolishing the “anchor babies” law would not deny citizenship to non-citizen children; rather they would have the same opportunity to earn their citizenship, as do lawful immigrants, by meeting the same requirements required of all previous applicants. Thus, the new citizen-applicants could grow to become knowledgeable and responsible, and then maybe vote with more understanding of the unique American system.

Carlin Freeberg