Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with coverage of traffic conflicts

I believe it’s shameful and disconcerting that you continue to perpetuate regressive, intolerant perspectives on cycling. Council members, past or current, should be held accountable for using their influence to proselytize what I believe to be are narrow-minded, asinine, dangerous concepts to the greater Bellingham population about cycling. Cyclists are here to stay and a division between motorists and other users is not healthy or productive. It is truly embarrassing to our community that our leadership and newspaper does not stretch itself intellectually to educate the community rather than stoop to the lowest denominator, mocking, criticizing, accusing cyclists of being lawbreakers. How dare you. As though motorists are model road users as they run red lights, drive through crosswalks as pedestrians wait, speed, drive in fog, rain and twilight without headlights? Get real, open your eyes, and put your biases behind you if you’re speaking for the community I live in, the community we all live in.

Pete Sharp