Letters to the Editor

Wants government out of reproduction

If someone sticks a gun in your ribs and demands money, you have clearly been robbed. I believe our government is more subtle — it take the money you earn before you ever see it. Taxes are collected in other smooth ways as well. Then the Feds dole it out to “worthy” causes.

One place the money goes is Planned Parenthood. I am an admirer of some of the things our local Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood does. And I’m sure it follows state and national laws. However, Planned Parenthood would ideally to me never have begun receiving government funds. Since reproduction is indeed a personal medical decision women and families make, the government should stay out of it altogether.

If those funds were withdrawn, Planned Parenthood would not be “destroyed” as some people fear. It would continue to operate. There are plenty of private sources that will keep an organization like Planned Parenthood going.

Susan Blondell Kaplan