Letters to the Editor

Supports Larsen’s vote for trade pact

I believe this state needs more leaders, like U.S. Rep Rick Larsen, who recognize the importance of trade. By supporting Trade Promotion Authority and hopefully the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he understands Washington has a strong manufacturing base that includes the Port of Seattle, Everett and Bellingham and the broader maritime industry. These are not inconsequential aspects of our economy. Maritime jobs, which are good-paying jobs that support middle-class families, account for more than 35 percent the tax base in Seattle — that's a lot of money for parks, police and other public services. And Washington is the most trade dependent state in the country, 40 percent of all jobs are linked to trade. That’s why we need to encourage leaders to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Japan’s participation in the partnership negotiations is a game-changer, they are by far the largest trading partner in the deal. Japan is Washington’s third-largest trading partner and that’s without a current U.S. trade agreement! Think of the possibilities for growth in jobs, maritime and Washington’s trade-reliant economy if Washington companies can have better access to Japan and the other Trans-Pacific Partnership countries. Keep up the good work Rep. Larsen!

Pat Starr