Letters to the Editor

Believes pact not fair trade

I believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement aims to place requirements and restrictions on signatory governments in how they use and finance state-owned enterprises, even when enterprises are used to provide vital public services, support local businesses or social, cultural or economic development. State-owned enterprises would be obliged to act on commercial considerations only, and would be prohibited from discriminating in favor of local goods and services if they adversely affect another partnership country.

I believe such terms, if they happen, could limit our local government from acting in the best interests of the citizens of this county. No government would be exempt, local, state or federal.

Other stipulations in this Trans-Pacific Partnership deal include the right of corporations in signatory countries to sue government, local, state or federal for hurting their bottom-line. These lawsuits would be heard by a tribunal comprised of corporate lawyers, not in a court of law.

Our local representatives DelBene and Larsen have both signed onto giving our president the power to negotiate this deal without Congressional input. I call upon our representatives to come to a pubic town hall to hear us and explain their votes. We must stand up for fair trade.

Ronna Loerch