Letters to the Editor

Support Mutchler for Ferndale mayor

We have been acquainted with Jon Mutchler for numerous years, and have had the opportunity to watch him in action on the City Council since his election in 2009.

We are small business owners with property in the city of Ferndale and as such have had dealings with the city and council on several occasions. We have really appreciated Jon’s willingness to listen to our concerns and make thoughtful decisions for us as well as looking out for the needs of the city.

My husband has served on the Ferndale parks board for several years and he has found council member Mutchler to be open minded and understanding of the issues and concerns of the parks board, especially as it relates to the upcoming ballot measure on the metropolitan parks district.

We need a mayor who will do the homework, listen to the boards and demonstrate that he’s going to go the extra mile to work with the citizens and businesses in Ferndale. We believe the best choice for our community is Jon Mutchler.

Maria Callen