Letters to the Editor

Wants president who listens to others

I did not believe that there was anything I could agree with that which Trump has said. But, he does not have to know all the proper nouns to be president.

I believe that he would not be a good president because his moves are so precipitate without what appears to be the counsel of staff — the counsel of which he appears to reject. He always “knows” what is to be done and takes no advice that does not agree with his preconceptions — that counsel must fit with relations in the real estate market practice. And, of course he knows how to fire any and all the details that do not fit his preconceptions of what is to be done. This may fit in selling real estate but hardly fits the circumstance of dealing with the rest of the world. I am fearful of his hand on the nuclear button, as I believe all of us should be.

I believe we need a president who is able to deal with the exigencies of the wider world not the metaphor of the problems of the real estate market in the United States. Politics is important despite the incapacities of Trump the real estate salesman.

J. Kaye Faulkner