Letters to the Editor

Supports Mutchler for Ferndale mayor

I am backing Jon Mutchler for mayor of Ferndale. We bought our home just over eight years ago and have been trying to find ways to serve and get involved with our neighborhood.

That chance came just about a year ago, thanks to Jon. He went out of his way to make sure our cul-de-sac was aware that the city of Ferndale was planning to sell neighboring Horizon View Park to use the funds elsewhere.

Jon was concerned that our neighborhood be informed of this upcoming vote and so he hand-delivered, to each neighbor, a city letter providing the needed information. As a result of his efforts, our neighborhood showed up at the council meeting and persuaded the council to not sell our park. The only council member who still voted to sell the park was Cathy Watson.

Jon didn’t have to go door to door to inform us that the park could be “surplussed” by the city, but it was important to him that we have a chance to say our peace about the proposal. I find his willingness and desire to do his research and communicate with the people of Ferndale to be above and beyond. I know he’ll do that for all of us as mayor.

Jon values transparency, communication, and community. I’ve seen that first hand. What he did for our neighborhood he’ll do for our city. Please vote for Jon.

Clystina Will