Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with Iranian treaty

Since the expected vote on approval of the treaty by a failure to override a veto by President Obama, there are two observations that should be considered above the details of the treaty. At least one foreign government and probably others less prominent attempted to influence the foreign policy of this country. It is difficult to understand and accept that such practices are widespread through active lobbyists for these foreign governments, I can’t imagine that would be tolerated by any other country in deciding its best interest and yet it is accepted in this country.

A second observation has been the lack of knowledge to the public on the way I believe the Iranian leadership and culture deal with the basic question of commitment to any promise or written document that is later decided is not to their advantage or interest.

I refer to the example of Hitler and his repeated statements of “no more territorial demands” made to European leaders.

The principal of taqiyah should be borne in mind that I believe state that any lie, any crime, any action in defense of the faith is excused. Perhaps President Obama is unaware of this factor and called the opponents of the treaty, “crazies” but he should have known it.

These observations, unfortunately are not in the good news, bad news character. Both ways this foreign policy decision has been made is bad news/bad news.

Norman Grossman