Letters to the Editor

Backs Sanders for president

I am a millennial. I got my bachelor’s degree (the first in my family to do so), worked through college and graduated during the biggest economic downturn since the invention of the microwave. Thanks guys. It has taken years of working hard, thankless jobs to get to a place where I have such luxuries as health insurance and a paid vacation day or two. Many of my fellow millennials are still working as wage slaves, struggling just to get by.

After the economic wreckage caused by the Wall Street gamblers, I am ready for a candidate who is serious about making our economy serve those who are working hard, someone who believes in a living wage, who will fund public education and will make the Wall Street gamblers pay for the damages they have done. That’s why I am proud to support Bernie Sanders.

You can say he’s radical but I believe there is nothing radical about putting Americans back to work repairing our crumbling roads, bridges and buses. They call it class warfare but how is pushing for guaranteed paid sick and medical leave so extreme? Remember, the radicals were the ones saying, “Oh no, don’t invade Iraq, there’s no weapons there and it will cost us trillions.” Who were the ones saying it would be fine? Oh yes, everyone else currently running for president. Join me, and hundreds of thousands of others, in supporting Bernie Sanders for president.

Bryna Sweeney