Letters to the Editor

Wants country to get back to basics

I’m reminded of the 300,000 Americans who lost their lives in World War II endeavoring to preserve our freedoms as particularized by the Founding Fathers and to free the world from totalitarian encumbrances. It really bothers me to see the indifference and irrelevancies of our current youth, middle class and political jingoists who I believe are allowing Muslim and Islamic extremists to encroach upon the liberties engendered by the founding fathers — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We’ve always allowed the unhappy and abused to come ashore and prosper in a benevolent environment. So long as they become Americans and prosper to the benevolence at everyone that’s already here. I believe big business has long wielded the sword to enhance its well-being at the expense of the proletariat. That’s OK — but it has perennially happened for the mutual benefit of both. You’re probably asking — where am I going with this. The answer is — we need to figure out how to conquer the west without destroying what we’ve already accomplished. It’s as simple as that — get this country back to thinking of family, well-being, education of the basics and the pursuit of achievement but not at the expense of your neighbor.

Mike Myers