Letters to the Editor

Says U.S. paralyzed from taking action

Many of us in Bellingham write of our disapproval of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. I believe it is right to object to treatment which seems inhumane.

I am suggesting that we divert our eyes and verbosity from anti-Israel rhetoric to anti-Assad/Syrian/Isis inhumanity. These wretches are killing Palestinians by the gross in their refugee camps. This is not too surprising in a country which commits genocide against it’s own citizens. We seem to stand by, unused to such unimaginable abuse. I believe we have been paralyzed from taking action. Our appalling lack of response to this horror begs questioning of ourselves, our country, and others as well.

Why do we not look to others in the world and realize that Israel is not the only pariah in the Middle East nor the world at large. Many require our attention.

Belle Shalom