Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with city spending on cyclists

Whose brainchild was this plan to out-bicycle Seattle and become the most bicycle friendly city in the state? First it is the naked bike ride and now this. Why not “most compassionate” city in the state? I see long lines at our area food banks. What did the “bike friendly” plan cost and how many could those millions have fed?


Safety: All this “graffiti” on the streets is distracting to drivers. On the way home from “work” (that is the place that taxpayers go so that we can earn the money to pay for more projects like this one), distracted by the bicycle graffiti, I almost hit a cyclist who was flying full speed through a stop sign to my left. But he was wearing a helmet!

Waste of dollars: Not long ago the city was broke and crying “not enough money, our children will starve,” but they managed to purchase the hundred acre wood. Bellingham then ups our water rate. Let us not forget the $21 million for low-income housing (how about we lower the permit fees on low-income housing to encourage more building instead). Maybe paint some footprints on the sidewalks to promote pedestrian friendliness? Or paint a few more potholes in our streets!

I leave you with yet one more thought, one that works at my house. When you find extra money just lying around, pay your debts first. The city’s greatest debt is to its citizens, how about unburdening the taxpayer for a change?

Tom Wolf