Letters to the Editor

Sees hypocrisy in presidential politics

The National Socialist American Workers Party is up in arms about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail “scandal;” never mind that President Bush deleted 22 million e-mails when he left office. I believe the National Socialist American Workers Party is offended that Hillary would dare to say its anti-choice position makes them similar to certain Muslim terrorists; how dare she compare them to terrorists, never mind that G.W Bush said “If you vote for Democrats, the terrorists win.” The members of God’s Own Party are upset that Donald Trump attacked John McCain’s military service; never mind that they helped coin the term “swift-boating” and handed out “Purple Heart” bandages at their convention when John Kerry was running for president.

I wonder if these good “Christian” people who so loudly complain about these things missed the day in school (and Sunday school) where the concept of hypocrisy was explained?

John Gray