Letters to the Editor

Outraged at Navy plan for training site

I believe most of us were astonished last fall to hear of the Navy’s plans to conduct electronic warfare training over the Olympic Forest and vicinity. Non-stop sorties of supersonic aircraft ripping through the peninsula, and now at the undeniable expense of a climate on life-support, is operational readiness on steroids. I believe incredibly noisy, polluting EA-18G Growlers overflying the Olympic wilderness, with almost no restrictions on speed or altitude will do incalculable damage to that pristine landscape. This plan, if given the go-ahead as early as next spring with a U.S. Forest Service special permit, is not only irresponsible, but a precedent-setting land-grab by the military.

Imagine squadrons of the loudest, most polluting jets in the Navy inventory unleashed, later to be joined by scores of attack helicopters and other fixed-wing aircraft, to conduct dozens of daily training exercises in arguably the nation’s most fragile, complex landscape. The now and future impact would be devastating.

Email Undersecretary of Natural Resources Robert Bonnie (robert.bonnie@osec.usda.gov) and Secretary of USDA Tom Vilsack (through his Executive Secretary Brian Baenig, brian.baenig@osec.usda.gov). Demand that they deny the Navy a permit to use our public lands for an electronic warfare range.

Stay informed on this issue via West Coast Action Alliance — http://westcoastactionalliance.org.

Gene Marx