Letters to the Editor

Backs Donovan for stance on water

The beautiful, life-giving waters of Bellingham are under threat. Increasing development in the watershed of Lake Whatcom is leading to a higher phosphorous level in the lake. This will kill the life of the lake as we know it and endanger our source of drinking water. And there is no easy way back. If we continue the way we are going our legacy for future generations will be a dead lake. I believe we need to curb development in the watershed and learn to live in a way that will sustain the lake, its life and beauty for our children, grandchildren and future generations. It is our responsibility to pass on this gift. We need candidates who understand the issues and will act to protect our water. Such a candidate is Todd Donovan. Thank you, Todd, for the visionary stand you are taking to protect our drinking water and natural beauty.

Edna Arthurs