Letters to the Editor

Supports Donovan, Sidhu for council

I recently had a chance to meet two candidates running for Whatcom County Council who I hope you will consider voting for in November.

Todd Donovan loves and appreciates our homes in Whatcom and values our water. I believe he understands watershed issues and the threats to it. I heard him speak and was impressed with his articulate statement of complex issues and the way he looks to the future of our lovely and precious county. He has my vote.

Satpal Sidhu’s experience in the county is both wide (12 boards over time) and deep (30 years, engineering and farming.) His commitment to this community is unrivaled. Mr. Sidhu is a plainspoken man. Listen to him and odds are you will agree with me that this is the kind of reflective, reasonable, person we want to hear on the County Council.

Mary Mele