Letters to the Editor

Concerned about Inslee spending plans

Freedom Foundation, located in Olympia, works diligently to shine a light on special interest negotiating behind closed doors. Sometimes these dealings have no function but to finance electing or re-electing certain politicians. Sadly, such negotiations often include our Governor, Jay Inslee, who promised during his first campaign for governor that he would not raise taxes. He might as well not give us any more financial promises, because I believe he’s broken every one he has made.

According to House and Senate operating budgets, Washington state has over $3 billion more in tax revenue for 2015-17 than during the last budget cycle — more than a 9 percent increase, yet his desire for more of our “earned income” is insatiable. In early August, Gov. Inslee commented in an interview on KIRO’s Dori Monson’s radio show, “We’re going to look for economic growth that will hopefully solve our problems like it did this year. But we have another several billion dollars we have to figure out how to generate.” Sounds like more tax hike proposals are coming our way.

Washington tax payers are not ATM machines, and as has been said before, we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. “Enough” is not part of his vocabulary.

Terry Cox