Letters to the Editor

Suggests police body cameras needed

A recent letter to the editor about the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, attributed it to a system of white supremacy manifested in slavery, lynchings, police brutality, etc. Store surveillance video shows Michael Brown stealing a pack of cigarellos and shoving the store owner to the ground. To me this portrays him not as an innocent young man, but a thug. Regardless of his color, his actions were wrong. Officer Wilson, a Ferguson police officer on patrol, stopped Mr. Brown and his accomplice, Dorian Johnson, for questioning. If they had cooperated with the request to stop for questioning, I believe Michael Brown would still be alive. Instead, Michael Brown reached in the police squad car, apparently trying to take the police officer’s firearm. According to U.S. Justice Department files, during the scuffle 12 shots were fired, one fatally hitting Mr. Brown. Most witnesses, originally quoted as saying his hands were up surrendering, recanted during questioning by the grand jury and Justice Department. Officer Wilson was cleared of any wrongdoing by the two investigations. My feelings are that if you believe in “Black Lives Matter,” like I do, get a more credible example than Michael Brown. Check the facts. Write your congressmen to provide funds for body cameras for every patrolman in the United States to prevent any more of these tragic incidents.

Bob Wren