Letters to the Editor

Backs Graham for President

Donald Trump shockingly said he disliked war hero, John McCain, because he was captured, adding, he only liked veterans that weren’t (caught.). When John McCain was shot down over Hanoi he suffered shrapnel wounds and eight broken bones. His wounds untreated, his captors twisted his franctures to torture him. He was held for years in a stinking hellhole with constant beatings and torture. When his captors finally agreed to release him, McCain refused to leave until the other American POWs who were held with him were released first. His sacrifice was selfless, his suffering was the price of our freedom. I believe Donald Trump and his sponsors should be deported and dumped in North Korea. When our country is rid of him, America can heal from the shame of their ingratitude and Republicans can recover from the intoxicating conceit of the disrespectful Democrat who crashed their party. I’m supporting Col. Lindsey Graham, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Gulf War, 33 years in the Air Force Reserves and three terms in the U.S. Senate. I believe Lindsey Graham has always done what Donald Trump can never do — love his country more than himself.

Peggy Everett