Letters to the Editor

Suggests Cruz for U.S. president

I have been closely following the political campaigns of the 2016 presidential candidates. While I believe that one who is running for political office needs to promote themselves, Donald Trump goes far beyond what is appropriate. When he combines that with his brashness, arrogance and occasional rudeness, he becomes unbearable to me. He loves the sound of his own voice and the attention that it brings him. What is even more disturbing to me is the question of whether he is really a Republican, even though he claims most issues that are dear to the Republican faithful. He has too many flip-flops on these issues and his vagueness is troubling.

So who else do I believe is correct on all the important issues without the Trump negatives? I suggest Ted Cruz. He has openly challenged and chided the Republican leadership. I believe he would make a great president.

In closing, I must say that while Trump is not even in my top 10 of declared Republican candidates, he is far better to me than any of the Democrat candidates, declared or undeclared, because their positions and ideas are even more unbearable to me.

Dave Hendricks