Letters to the Editor

Concerned about divisive politics

However, unorthodox and or exhilarating the Trump campaign is to many, I believe it represents a return to race-based, divisive politics. Trump’s continued attacks on undocumented workers, the overwhelming majority of which contribute to American prosperity and productivity, is an old political ploy that smacks of the “yellow horde,” “the brown peril” and “the Irish menace.” Slogans used not so long ago by so-called populist candidates to feed the inner core of fear that many Americans continue to have of a changing social landscape and a multicultural society.

The unfortunate aspect is, I believe, that much of this deep-seated disdain for heterogeneity resides in the fringes of one political party that overrides the intellectualism and compassion of the majority of Americans who view immigration as both positive but in need of structured reform. The party of Lincoln was once the beacon for social and environmental progressivism. I believe its roots have been co-opted by a group of political extremists who allow crypto-politicians such as Trump and others to find fertile ground for their scapegoating and sophomoric responses to real issues.

Larry Estrada