Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with WTA stroller policy

The WTA stroller policy may not be a “serious issue” as stated by the president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, but it is a huge issue for any single parent, grandparent or anyone for that matter who depends on the transit system to transport their children. If the transit system can provide a carrier or rack for bicycles, I believe it should be able to come up with some system for strollers. No one should be denied transportation because they have a small child in a stroller. The issue with the mom who had to walk home because that driver decided she couldn’t ride the bus is inexcusable on the part of WTA. The decision should not be up to the individual driver, but the WTA needs to change their policy and provide a designated place for strollers. This mom is trying to provide a better life for herself and child by attending college and now she is faced with worrying about whether she will be able to take the bus each day, what is wrong with this picture? What the transit system thinks is not a huge issue is to every rider on their buses who depend on them. Young, old, handicapped or otherwise needs to be assured that they can board a WTA bus and not be denied transportation.

Kathy Kettman