Letters to the Editor

Supports building new county jail

Can you even imagine 34 women sharing one toilet, crammed in together with no way out? All privacy lost, all chance to control their own lives lost. Forget comfort, this is a case of physical and mental chaos, a struggle for control from moment to moment. That’s what goes on in the women’s section of our jail. The men’s section is equally desperate. If you doubt it, ask our sheriff. Tours of the jail are available upon request.

Of course this could never happen to “me.” There’s no way I would ever land in that situation. That’s what we all think until a flash of anger or a foolish impulse leads to irrevocable damage and potential arrest. This is our nephew or the kid down the street who is jammed into a situation he could never have imagined. And it’s not 10 years that we’ve needed a new jail, it is 20.

Let’s not wait till the ancient wiring in this building leads to fire, loss of life and major lawsuits. The longer we wait, the higher the price of a new jail becomes.

Joan Browning