Letters to the Editor

Endorses Mutchler for Ferndale mayor

I’m writing to support Jon Mutchler in his bid to be the next mayor of Ferndale. Jon has served on the City Council for the past six years and is endorsed by the outgoing mayor. He has lived in Ferndale for 28 years, raised a large family, built several homes, and pastored a local church as his primary occupation. Some people believe a Christian pastor is too conservative for government office. I think the opposite is true. Jon must be accountable to his family, his faith, a church congregation, and now the city of Ferndale. The fact that he’s carried this mantle for several decades, and is widely respected amongst this city’s residents as a leader, makes him exceptionally qualified to hold public office. I do, however, consider Jon to be fiscally conservative and trust him to lead the City Council in making good use of the city’s tax revenue. Personally, Jon communicates very well, enjoys meeting people, and is transparent in his beliefs and opinions. (See his engaging web-site, voteforjon.com, if you have doubts.) Lastly, I’d like having a middle-aged triathlete and Ski-to-Sea’er as our next mayor. As an active person, I know he won’t forget about maintenance of Ferndale’s parks, roads/trails, and the possibility of a future community swimming pool. Please join me in voting Jon Mutchler for mayor in the November election.

Andrew Paterson