Letters to the Editor

Says terminal needed for jobs

As a civil engineer who is from Whatcom County with over five years in heavy civil and marine infrastructure construction experience, I fully understand and am supportive of the proposed terminal at Cherry Point. I believe the exhaustive review of the Gateway Terminal proposal will ensure that the highest environmental standards will not only be met, but result in the most progressive facility possible.

We need good local jobs here. We have already lost many well-paying industry jobs and are becoming a county of haves and have-nots. I believe the high wages and economic benefits to our area will be significant, and are urgently needed.

American products must have ways to get to our trading partners around the world, especially Asia. This terminal is located in a zone that is meant for heavy industry. Because of the deep water, there will be no dredging and the consequent environmental disruption.

Let’s look at the facts about this project and make sure the decision is based on those facts, not politics, not outside groups with big money to spend, not on fear tactics. The entire country is watching us here to see what happens. Let’s send a signal that Whatcom County, and the state of Washington, opens their doors to business.

Vadim Kasko

Sedro Woolley