Letters to the Editor

Questions county ambulance service

Saturday morning I had a fire out at my farm. I caused it by mowing grass. The Blaine Fire Department was there in less than 15 minutes and put it out. Thanks! When I asked why the local volunteer force did not respond, one of the Blaine firefighters responded that a lot of the local volunteer stations are not good responders because of a policy. Whatcom County does not have a private ambulance service. Responders are required to transport people with non-life threatening injuries to medical care. They take rescue vehicles and themselves away from their stations. This has caused an increase in paid firefighter positions and equipment. Why does Whatcom county not put this private service out to bid like most counties in the state? I believe response times would shorten, fewer vehicles would need to be purchased and volunteers could spend less time for non-emergencies. We don’t need paid firefighters with there engines transporting people with broken arms.

Robert Landry