Letters to the Editor

Wants explanation for trade support

Like so many others, I like to know what I am eating. If I can’t grow food myself, I deal with a local farmer so I can see how they are caring for the land and I can reward them with my business.

For some food issues we need to band together to learn about and publicize use of antibiotics and pesticides. We need to learn respect for workers. We need inspectors and enforcers to remove dangerous products from our food supply.

I often contact our U.S. Representatives for Whatcom County, Del Bene and Larsen, to urge them to stop the Trans Pacific Trade agreement and resist what I believe to be the international corporations’ push to reduce our voice on food safety. County and state Democrats have opposed the trade agreement. Larsen and DelBene have voted to advance the deal. Once final we will have only three months to see the complicated document.

I call our representatives to come to the county to an open town hall to hear us and to explain their votes. Join me in calling for that meeting up here. Come out to see and hear them.

Alyce Werkema