Letters to the Editor

Martha HammerFerndale

I am grateful to the Whatcom County Council for giving the voters of Whatcom County an opportunity to vote for our county council members through a five-district voting system. I believe dividing the county in five fair and equal districts would result in an election system that is fair to all of our county citizens, regardless of their political beliefs or whether they live in the city or out in rural Whatcom County.

The Whatcom County Charter Review Commission is pushing for a three-district, district-only voting system, which I believe could gerrymander the county inappropriately, unfairly and potentially illegally. I believe coal interests funded and propped up some of the Whatcom County Charter Review members to sway the chances of local approval of the Cherry Point facility. I will be voting to divide the county in five fair and equal districts that would result in a proportional representation of the county’s population. That way, Whatcom County voters can decide what is best for Whatcom County, and not be overly influenced by outside corporations and developers.

Martha Hammer