Letters to the Editor

Suggest protest of GMO foods

As people in this country want to become more informed about what they eat, I believe it has resulted in many food industries rounding the wagons in attempts to keep this information from us. You might even say that consumers are under attack.

Cases in point:

1. The food industry (largely huge agricultural conglomerates) leads the charge to restrict information about GMOs in our food.

2. The sugar industry actively opposes food nutrition labels that would inform consumers about added sugars. This in spite of a growing epidemic of diabetes in this sugared food nation.

Change can happen three ways. Citizens can work with their legislators to propose laws and regulations to mandate total and complete labeling of all foods; citizen-consumers can voice their concerns to the offending industries by shopping local, and shopping smart. Then let those industries hear what you decided and why.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I believe we must take action now. Tell those who reap profits from questionable food they sell us that we will no longer accept without question the food we eat; or the food we serve our children and grandchildren.

Kathleen Bander