Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with criticism of President Obama

Twenty-nine of the nations’s top nuclear scientists have called the president’s Iran deal innovative and the verification policies the most stringent nuclear verification policies ever accomplished. Yet the Republican brain trust and the likes of Chuck Schumer, which I believe are firmly in the pocket of the radically right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu, can only oppose his latest victories of diplomacy, as they have opposed every policy proposed or enacted by this president. In the past going-on-eight years of his presidency, I believe Obama has been the adult in the room and the learned leader trying to guide us. I believe the Republicans have been the spoiled children, devoid of perspective and short on foresight. While I have not agreed with Obama at every turn, I have been unable to accept anything coming from the minds and mouths of what I believe to be a herd of lost and confused pachyderms. I am proud to call Obama my president and embarrassed to call the likes of the clown car of 17 my fellow citizens.

Michael Waite

Sedro Woolley