Letters to the Editor

Supports Jensen for port commission

I believe Gary Jensen, the current mayor of Ferndale, should be one of our next three port commissioners.

He has been and will be a dedicated, open minded, locally oriented leader. The port needs full-time commissioners who will promote and protect our many varied interests all year around.

I am the owner of a business in Ferndale and I have had many years of experience working with Mr. Jensen. Ferndale is one of the fastest growing communities in our state, and I believe it is a direct result of Gary Jensen’s leadership.

Gary Jensen has sought out a balance between protecting the interests/people of Ferndale and advancing its adaptations to growth. The Port of Bellingham needs a third commissioner with his skill set to help the port find that same balanced leadership.

Gary Jensen is an active leader who is always participating in events and meetings that have and will keep him in-touch with his constituency. I do not think anyone will be disappointed in his earnest, hardworking, ethical approach to being an elected official.

The port needs to be represented by someone who will work full-time all year around. Gary Jensen knows and cares about all of our many and wide-variety of interests and needs.

Larry McCarter