Letters to the Editor

Wants choices about county district voting

The Charter Review Commission is trying to change the way Whatcom County elects its local officials by supporting district-only voting. This would effectively limit voters from voting for all seven County Council members to only three by district. In addition, the commission is considering amendments to keep voters from getting a chance to reconsider.

We need a fairer system than even the current three-district proposal. We need a more fair system where rural voters can elect representatives who understand rural issues and urban voters can elect representatives who understand urban issues.

As a rural voter, I want to see a more fair and equal system which is what I believe the five-district proposal would ensure. It makes more since in that it has one district in west county, one in Lynden, one in the foothills, Lake Whatcom and Lake Samish and two in Bellingham.

We need to let the voters decide and we have an opportunity to do that in November. We need to see all four amendments on the ballot for we can choose for ourselves in November.

Pam Borso