Letters to the Editor

Happy to see road work to slow traffic

After reading a recent letter about speed on the Mission Road due to the closure of the Mount Baker Highway, I also have concerns about the very fast speed on Kelly Road.

Most vehicles coming west off Mount Baker highway and going west on Kelly Road do not slow down very much. This is due to the angle of Kelly Road coming off the highway. I have witnessed several close calls at the intersection of Sand Road and Kelly Road with west bound traffic coming off the highway not stopping at Sand Road!

Our county and state have been doing their part issuing “blue light specials” too, but there seems to be very little effect of traffic wanting to slow down.

Semi trucks coming west for some reason don`t pay attention to the signs at Smith Road and end up turning north on Sand Road and then trying to make the corner at Kelly Road. Cars are usually backed up while these semi drivers spend 5 minutes to turn and then end up going north to Smith Road, where I believe they should be.

Of people coming east on the Mount Baker Highway, about every sixth car turns left (north on Everson Goshen Road) from the eastbound through lane. I for one will be very happy to see this highway project finished before someone is seriously injured or killed!

Jerry Smoot