Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with treatment of business owners

A recent letter from a Congregational minister asserted that gay pride supporters are motivated by love, acceptance, kindness, goodness, etc. Try telling that to Aaron and Melissa Klein. This young evangelical couple believes the Bible is God’s holy word. Thus they live their lives and conduct their business according to biblical standards. The Kleins, exercising their constitutional right of free exercise of religion, once politely declined to make a cake for a so-called same-sex wedding.

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, not driven by kindness or goodness, has anointed himself for the “ministry” of driving them out of business. Decreeing that their “crime” deserves a stiff punishment, he slapped a fine of $135,000 on them. This is love? I believe his actions and attitudes exude the odor of raw hate. Yet Avakian is applauded and celebrated as quite a hero – by the LBGT community.

I believe this same community includes countless, vicious Twitter trolls who daily spew their venom all over the internet. Is this Congregational cleric proud of all this odium? I hope not. In no way do I believe they bear witness to Jesus.

Gary Hardaway