Letters to the Editor

Says five districts would be representative

Whatcom County Council, or Whatcom Coal Council? Let the voters decide if Whatcom County should be the future home to North America’s largest coal terminal at the Cherry Point aquatic reserve by opposing district-only voting and supporting the proposal to create five fair and equal voting districts. Whatcom County Council will cast the only local vote on whether or not to build the coal terminal project. I believe the current three-district proposal is unfair to both rural and urban voters alike, and does not adequately represent the anti-coal majority of Bellingham. Under the current district-only voting scheme, voter’s choices are limited and elected officials do not accurately depict the diversity of voter goals and opinions within the county. With five districts, each distinct segment of Whatcom County will be fairly represented by elected officials who can more directly understand and advocate for the issues their constituents believe in. Five fair and equal districts relinquishes the power of special interests to cloud the vision of the county’s elected officials and allows for voters to maintain power and influence in the decision making process in Whatcom County. Let the voters decide, set special interests aside, vote for fair and equal five.

Sara Murphy