Letters to the Editor

Questions Trump, GOP stance on immigration

The suggestion by Trump that he will have the Mexicans build a wall to keep their people at home is, I believe, a case of grandstanding only — something that he is well-qualified saying.

It has not been 50 years since all these same reactionaries were shouting at East Germany to remove the wall that impedes their people from access to the freedom of capitalist exploitation. The Mexicans only want access to the same freedoms enjoyed by their American brothers and sisters. After all, much of our country was once theirs until, in another phony war, we took what became the American southwest away from them.

That the Republicans want to protect the American working classes from the competition from Mexican workers seems implausible to me. I believe all of their moves have been to take advantage of working people and whatever weaknesses they might have that can be turned to advantage in the market.

J. Kaye Faulkner