Letters to the Editor

Supports initiative on climate change

A local city planner at a recent public event noted that when we’re talking as adults we all believe in climate change. Perhaps this is why climate change “deniers” have largely morphed into climate change “do littles.” The “do little” political playbook is familiar: a group name no one could seriously question, pleasant sounding platitudes but few specifics, and a focus on uncertainty, often about minor aspects of an issue, requiring further study.

I believe the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is a recent example. Their website (jobscleanenergywa.com) encourages signing on if you support jobs, clean energy and “Believe in Washington” (their slogan). But what this means and exactly what they are proposing is not as clear as their apparent desire to delay. They claim to be working on an initiative for the 2017 ballot.

Undoubtedly there are times when doing little is best but the climate change threat is not one of those as recent actions of our president, our governor, and Pope Francis among others make clear. A nonpartisan grassroots group, Carbon Washington (carbonwa.org), has specific proposals on climate change and several related state tax issues. They are collecting signatures for Initiative 732 hoping for the 2016 ballot. Check them out. If you support having their proposal on the ballot add your signature to the over 100,000 already in hand.

John Whitmer