Letters to the Editor

Questions motivation of Zimbabwe lion hunter

I can’t help but wonder what motivates a healer to kill.

I’m referring, of course, to Dr. Walter James Palmer’s merciless murder of the protected lion Cecil in Zimbabwe. He paid a large sum for the thrill to kill.

During several trips to Africa, each time I observed lions at dawn or dusk — in their natural habitats, they were napping, drinking water or eating their kill. Their behavior is so similar to house cats that it’s hysterically funny! A pride of lions — consisting of a dozen or so 100-pound to 300-pound cats, lay all over each other — one’s paw is on another’ s face. My favorite behavior is when “king of the jungle” lays on his back with all four paws dangling in the air. Truly reminiscent of my cat Jazz here in Sudden Valley! Lions kill at night. They’re pretty docile the rest of the time. Humans are not their preferred meal.

How exciting is it for a human to shoot and kill wildlife who are not in attack mode? Is it a macho thing?

Will Dr. Palmer be punished? Pay a fine? End of story? Or did he get what he paid for, and now back to healing?

L. Jane Ringe